Live Transcoding with adaptive bitrate streaming for Push and Pull (live streaming)

Live Transcoding enables content providers to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming to multiple devices from a single high-quality Push or Pull source stream. Our powerful GPU based transcoding platform reduces operational cost and complexity, eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and provides viewers with high-quality user experience on their device of choice.

You need to have at least a single Publishing Point (Push/ Pull) for which the Transcoding has to be enabled and the further procedure to enable Live Transcoding is explained below.

We have listed all the major transcoding profiles, based on which your source stream can be transcoded. You can use this wide array of transcoding or you may customize these profiles based on your use.

  • To edit Preset Profile, GO TO Live Streams > Global settings > Live Transcoding Profiles and make the required changes and save the settings.
  • Now go back to the Publishing Point for which the stream has to be transcoded by going to Live Streams > Push/Pull > MANAGE Button
  • Click on Transcode under the basic section.

Now you need to select the Transcoding type based on the source stream. You may select the type based on the following criteria.

SD Transcoding Profiles

If your source bitrate is less than 3Mbps then you can create an SD profile.

HD Transcoding profiles

If your source bitrate is greater than 3Mbps and less than 6Mbps then you can create an HD profile.

UHD Transcoding Profile 

If your source bitrate is greater than 6Mbps and less than 12Mbps then you can create a UHD profile.

  • Once you have selected the Transcoding Profile Type, you need to set the Video and Audio Parameters of your Transcoded Stream. The user can customize Resolution, Deinterlacing, Bit Rates, Sample Rates and many more depending on the requirement.
  • Once you have made the settings click on CREATE. This will create a single preset profile representing a single quality.
  • If you want to create Multiple Encoded streams, you need to define the quality you need to have in each preset profile. That is, if you need 3 qualities other than your source stream, you need to have 3 preset profiles.
  • Once you have created the required preset profiles, go back to your Publishing Point by clicking the MANAGE Button. Click on Transcode under the info section.
  • Click on the Transcoding Type, that is SD, HD, UHD with which you have created the Preset Profile.
  • Click on the Video Profile. If you need to have a Single Transcoded quality stream you just need to select that single preset profile here. If you want to create Multiple Encoded streams, let’s say with 3 video qualities, you need to select 3 preset profiles for this. You may also include your source stream as an adaptive stream.
  • Click on Audio Profile and select the preset profile required for the audio quality and Save it.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can use the Playback URL and make it under your production.

What is Transcoding Filters

If you want to add your logo to your live stream or want to flip or rotate the live stream then you can create the Transcoding Filter and add the filter to your live stream.

What is transcoding filters?



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